Cardboard production and processing

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Due to the loose, porous and large volume characteristics of unpolished kraft paper, it is easy to produce dust in the process of cardboard production and processing. Therefore, attention should be paid to prevent and reduce the harm caused by dust.</p>Passive UHF Tag AD 237 IMPINJ MONZA R6 RFID Sticker Label For Zebra Printer
<p>Post press die cutting<br />
Due to the special structure of the primary color kraft paper, its strength is large and its fiber properties can be predicted, so it has better processing properties such as embossing, die cutting and die cutting. But for the high strength and toughness of primary color fiber, kraft paper is required to avoid rebound through deep indentation line. In addition, the die cutter must be sharp. Due to the high strength of kraft paper fiber, a narrow indentation is needed on the punching line, and the required notches for punching should be less and smaller.</p>Wholesale Logo Printed Luxury Custom Design Magnetic Lid Gift Box With Closure
<p>Glue properly<br />
The resin adhesive with high solidity and viscosity is suitable for low-temperature bonding, which can only be attached to kraft board after cooling, and can not penetrate into the board in large amount. The traditional hot-melt adhesive is also suitable for kraft board and kraft paper after polyester polishing, with good effect. Due to its light weight, kraft paperboard is suitable for production on the high-speed folding machine.</p>
<p>Reasonable selection of paper<br />
In order to meet the new needs of food manufacturers for packaging, the primary color kraft board has some characteristics different from bleached board, such as baked goods or convenience food and other household products. The natural brown appearance of primary color kraft paper has a healthy and retro charm. In fact, the unique appearance of kraft paper and a large number of white packaging form a sharp contrast, but also make the product more prominent. Because many food packages are designed to provide convenience or practicality, kraft paper strength is another advantage. The outer packing must be strong enough to cover the customer's meal without falling off. In the same way, the cup must be able to stay the same in the humid environment, so as not to let the coffee flow to the thigh of the customer. Strength is also a major consideration for frozen food, because the packaging of frozen food cannot deform, tear, distort or absorb too much water in the freezing / thawing cycle. In terms of practicability, kraft paper is better than homogenous bleached kraft paper.</p>
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