Buy Fifa 15 Coins suffering a similar bug as Method

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To start with, the leader of Method tweeted them to cannot type in the raid but auto teleport out, as well as the EU GM are investigating that issue. Afterward, DKVereesa from Paragon claimed that they are suffering a similar bug as Method to enable them to’t progress on Horac. All of them were informed that “you aren't in this situation’s group. You will end up teleported on the nearest graveyard in 43 seconds.”

Except for Method, your fourth guild, Over completely from scratch tweeted this issue also, and from now on these are unable to Buy Fifa 15 Coins
 progress on Mannoroth. There is no doubt this bug would almost kill those guilds that are progressing. In few hours, they'd leave alone far away. Honestly, this bug happened fifacoinfootaball   before in China, but got fixed on time. Unexpectedly, it seems like again on EU.