Blade and Soul is an excellent game

Posted by lisa123 lisa123

I've never explained otherwise but We've had my difficulty with NCWest and this version in the game during the blade soul gold

I think almost all of my problems using this type of version of it received from another region boils into two things: the rush of content plus the premium benefits. I've never had a difficulty with the income shop fluff; the luxuries since that's how most F2P games earn portion of their income to remain.

There are certain elements in this area that I hate much like the elitism, the toxicity in the community and your premium benefits. It usually is selfish on the rewards as I pass up my daily hongmoon coins however I am that if anyone pay premium with a F2P model the rewards should actually feel as if benefits; to me they go unnoticed. I also detest that wardrobe is often a paid benefit in this area and I'm essentially purchasing something that's used to be free? Doesn't think like a profit. Nor does purchasing a year's sub to secure a free outfit in contrast to a 3 thirty day period sub.