Association Flooring Committee

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 <p> Secretary-General of Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association Flooring Committee Li Honggang prediction has come true: after 4 May, solid wood floor from north to south nationwide prices. Shanghai solid wood flooring price range rose 20 yuan to 20 yuan per square meter approximately.wall cladding and decking floor  But recently there are some solid wood flooring contrarian prices, analysts believe may be related to sluggish sales and apricot-day, or just promotional tools manufacturers in prices after. </p>
<p>Li Honggang prophecy come true professionals predict the end of May, solid wood flooring will be across the board price increases, rose 20 yuan / square meter.cheapest flooring solution  The Commission recently confirmed to reporters, Shanghai solid wood flooring prices do rise up, but the magnitude of different sizes. </p>
<p>Based on different materials, different brands, about 20 yuan per square meter rose to 20 yuan. According to the Committee about the floor, cost of raw materials is still the main reason for pushing up the price to the consumer the floor, for example, has formed a series of European and American beech, maple, Natural wood texture composite panels oak and Southeast Asia sleeves, rosewood raw materials for high-grade family and Southeast Asia Kempas (Kang Paez), tip of grapefruit, tea cornel rue) and domestic ash, oak raw materials for the mid-range. </p>