Aggrandizement wood floor chooses

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<p>When city of strong aspect of aggrandizement wood floor, ply is 6 millimeter only. In a few years subsequently, 8 millimeter floor holds market dominant position all the time. In recent years, floor ply increases ceaselessly, 12 millimeter floor becomes the mainstream nowadays, the floor board with 13 millimeter, 15 large millimeter appeared again on the market.under deck ceiling cladding panels This one trend let a lot of consumer produce illusion: Aggrandizement wood floor is thicker solidder, more wear well, it is better that quality nature also is met. Fact if it is so? </p>
<p>Actually thick board like thin plate, once the surface is ground bad cannot use. Carmel Cali Bamboo Solid Decking Material Because of the quality of this floor facing, matter to the service life of wooden floor greatly, is not board ply. Because this consumer is when floor of aggrandizement of choose and buy, still basically want those who see manufacturer to use material and craft level how. </p>
<p>Look thick, but the vast difference because of cost, craft and manufacturing technology, a less known and inferior brand is thick board the laminose long that service life still may be inferior to old brand. The base material density of aggrandizement wood floor is bigger, mechanical function, anti-impact properties is taller, consequently more fight knock,Nontoxic Deck Composite Stain but not be density has been jumped over greatly more. Below similar requirement, base material density is high, bibulous ply expands rate is older, dimension stability is poor, encounter water to encounter tide to be out of shape easily. In the meantime, hardness is big, tenacity is poor, the foot feels uncomfortable. </p>
<p>Current, most floor brand rolled out the floor board of  anaglyph that has concave and convex grain, pursuit floor the effect of more primitive, of primitive simplicity, be favorred by many consumer. The wooden floor such as of of of large to the  of the sell like hot cakes on the market relief sculpture,  little relief,  relief expert and of  anaglyph face, the expert points out,Cost Per Foot For Water Proof Decking these majority are to be pleasant to the eye lumpish. Be being spent because of wear-resisting is the use index with wooden the mainest floor, in its the surface undertakes all sorts of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, the wear-resisting that will naturally reduce a floor board greatly is spent, reduce treatment precision, and shelter evil people and practices easily, your service mass sells at a discount greatly. When consumer is bought, do not want result of pure pursuit surface, the service life of oversight commodity reachs maintenance trouble. </p>
<p>12 millimeter floor and 8 millimeter floor board are the biggest on the exterior differ even if 12 millimeter floor became much notch, the store that has real wood floor board more installs the effect. But on the market, a few businessman introductions say  jumps over shallow better when floor chamfer. Reason is floor chamfer shallow do not shelter evil people and practices easily, convenient do. And, floor chamfer is shallow, the crural feeling that walks on the floor wants the floor of apparent excel deep notch. The expert is corrected say, the depth of floor chamfer is manufacturing technology issue, matter to directly board with board between join, want a floor to be buckled firmly only, the depth of floor chamfer is not big question. Floor chamfer cent is V chamfer and U chamfer now, each have actor of low quality, cannot knock sb. down at one stroke. </p>