Advantages of electronic ballasts

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<p>Electronic ballast (Electronic ballast), is a ballast, refers to the use of electronic technology to drive electric light source, to produce the necessary lighting of electronic equipment. Corresponding to the inductive ballast (or ballast). Modern fluorescent lamp more and more use of electronic ballasts, lightweight and compact, and even electronic ballasts and tubes can be integrated together, while electronic ballasts can usually both starter function, so it can save Go to a separate starter. Electronic ballasts can also have more features, such as by increasing the current frequency or current waveform (such as square wave) to improve or eliminate the flashing phenomenon of the fluorescent lamp; can also be through the power inverter process so that the fluorescent lamp can use DC power. jeep LED light bars</p>

<p>Some of the shortcomings of traditional inductive rectifiers make it being replaced by increasingly sophisticated electronic ballasts. Advantages: (1) energy saving. Fluorescent lamp electronic ballast, the use of 20-60khz frequency supply lamp, the lamp efficiency than the power frequency increased by about 10% (according to the length of 4 feet of the lamp), and its low power consumption, so that the total lamp Input power drops by about 20%, with better energy savings. (2) to eliminate strobe, light more stable. Is conducive to improving the visual resolution, improve efficacy; reduce the continuous operation of visual fatigue, is conducive to the protection of vision.1998 Chevy Silverado Problems</p>

<p>(3) starting point is more reliable. Preheat the lamp after a successful start, to avoid a number of starting points. (4) high power factor. Meet the national standard of more than 25W fluorescent lamp, the power factor higher than 0.95. It should be noted, however, that the national standard limits the harmonic limit for lamps below 25W so that their power factor drops to 0.7-0.8. (5) Stable input power and output luminous flux: high-quality products have good voltage regulator performance, power and voltage deviation is large, still able to maintain a constant light power, stable light, is conducive to energy conservation. (6) to extend the lamp life. High-quality products, constant power and lamp current drop, and the starting point and other factors can make the lamp life extension.32 Inch Led Bar</p>