About Wood Plastic Composite

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Plastic and wood wastes have been a main environmental concern. Cheap,Environmentally Friendly Wood Plastic DeckPlastic is the biggest problem due to its high amount of waste generated, non biodegradability and the fastest depletion of natural resources regarding its short life cycle, therefore increased amount of material utilized in its production, and waste generated. The same applies to wood with lesser degree where it is depleting trees and forests and the wastes mainly are either burned or disposed; resulting in extra consumption, depletion, and pollution of nature.

Several worldwide attempts have been adopted; especially in the developed countries, to take advantage of these types of waste especially with the raised need for alternatives to virgin materials. Wood plastic composite (WPC) is a product which could be obtained from plastic and wood.wpc flower boxes sale environment friendly WPC is a composite with a rapid growing usage consisting of a mixture of wood waste and polymeric material. Many trials of obtaining a WPC product were basically built on the concept of a Cradle to Cradle approach where the material is recycled at the end of its life cycle to produce a Cradle (new) product and thus close the loop and imitate the natural ecosystem. As a consequence, this minimizes the solid waste content and conserve the natural resources. Therefore, costs, energy, and depletion of virgin materials are reduced. In addition, it assures the sustainability over the incoming years for future generations' use.

WPC has become currently an important address of research that gained popularity over the last decade especially with its properties and advantages that attracted researchers such as: high durability, Low maintenance, acceptable relative strength and stiffness, fewer prices relative to other competing materials, and the fact that it is a natural resource. environmental wood plastic composite wall Other advantages have been strength points including: the resistance in opposition to biological deterioration especially for outdoor applications where untreated timber products are not suitable, the high availability of fine particles of wood waste is a main point of attraction which guarantees sustainability, improved thermal and creep performance relative to unfilled plastics where It can be produced to obtain structural building applications including: profiles, sheathings, decking, roof tiles, and window trims. On the other hand, WPCs are not nearly as stiff as solid wood; however, they are stiffer than unfilled plastics. In addition, they do not require special fasteners or design changes in application as they perform like conventional wood .