A simple analysis of the application of limestone powder in concrete

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<p>From the perspective of circular economy, the future development direction of concrete is greening and high-capacity, and the future concrete tends to reduce the amount of cement and make more use of various industrial wastes and wastes. In the process of producing limestone gravel and mechanism sand, a large amount of limestone powder is produced, which pollutes the environment and wastes the resources, which is harmful to us and the country. However, the role of these stone powder in concrete, people's understanding and research is very little.</p>
<p>It is well known that the basic composition of concrete is cement, sand, gravel, water and admixture. For large-scale infrastructure construction in China, concrete production is greatly increased, commodity concrete production fast development, caused many areas appear fine powder coal ash, slag, the status of the mineral admixtures, such as lack of resources, affecting the quality of the concrete, yield and cost. And limestone powder as the admixture of concrete, its due to the fineness finer than cement lime stone powder, the mixture of dispersion effect, can accelerate the hydration of cement, in hardened concrete filling effect, can improve the strength of the concrete.</p>
<p>Actually occurring in the process of limestone rubble and mechanism of sand stone powder has the good economic and environmental benefits, to the state and social construction will play an immeasurable role, as a concrete admixture of concrete working performance, mechanical performance, durable sex, drying shrinkage and creep effect and improve plays an important role.</p>
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